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Welcome to Courtney's Creative Haven!


About Me


Operating from the vibrant heart of Oklahoma City, I bring over a decade of experience as a Graphic Designer, specializing in transforming visions into reality through artistry and design.

Growing up, my family and I navigated frequent relocations, journeying from Oklahoma to North Carolina, then California, before returning to our roots in Oklahoma. Through it all, we faced the changes together, finding strength and unity amidst the shifting landscapes. These experiences instilled in me a deep sense of resilience and a profound appreciation for the bonds of family.

My passion for creativity was nurtured by dedicated art teachers who left an indelible mark on my artistic journey. Their guidance and encouragement fueled my love for art, shaping my path as a designer. Through their mentorship, I developed a keen eye for detail, a love for experimentation, and a deep appreciation for the power of visual storytelling.

At home, I share my creative space with my feline friend, Pippin, who brings joy and inspiration in equal measure. With a curious nature and a mischievous streak, Pippin likes to try and help in her own cat way with my art. She's not just a companion but an integral part of my creative process.

While I have yet to delve deeply into the world of book cover design, it's a passion and a goal that I'm actively pursuing. There's an undeniable magic in the way a well-crafted cover can capture the essence of a story, evoking emotions and sparking imagination before the first page is even turned. For me, the prospect of learning and growing in this field is an exciting adventure waiting to unfold.

Join me on this journey of creativity as we explore the boundless realms of design together. Whether you're seeking captivating visuals for your brand or embarking on a collaborative project, let's bring your ideas to life with passion, precision, and a touch of artistic flair.

Let's create something extraordinary.

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